Spring 2013

A few pics of Milka from the past few weeks. We’ve been to the beach and for a bike ride.

My boss brought his dog to work one day. Cooper sat on Clay’s lap. Clay said it was hard to work! Cooper and Milka got along really well and played a bit.

Also, we got a special certificate from St John Ambulance for volunteering more than 100 hours in total.

And my coworker Viola brought in her cat’s bed, that they don’t use, for Milka!

milka jerrichomilka beach jerichoclay and cooper

milka volunteer certificate milka thomas jumpviola milka cat bed

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April pics

Milka providing moral support while volunteering

Milka phone bankViola Milka treatMilka at work getting spoiled with broccoli

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Holy hair!

In doing some online research I found a shot of me and Milka online. Check out his hair! It looks so dark and there’s so much of it! Funny!

Me, Milka & Margaret

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Funny fit

My neighbor brought his dogs over on the weekend. His dogs are pretty big – about 75-100 pounds. George (a girl) is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Lenny (a boy) is a Ridgeback mixed with Boxer. They’re both really nice and well-behaved.

Milka mostly stayed on the couch the whole time. The two big dogs stayed on the floor. George found Milka’s bed and sat in it, most of the night. Hilarious to see her turn around and find the right fit on a bed made for a dog 1/10th of her size! George in Milka's bed

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The 5’s

We recently hired two new staffers in our office and their cubicles are just steps away from where I sit. Milka really likes them! Milka is quite content to sit on Kendra’s lap and to sit and shake a paw for Gen’s organic broccoli treats.

Kendra & Milka Gen Milka treat 2 Gen Milka treat

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Just call him Houdini

I put Milka in a dog seatbelt when he’s in the car. Probably sounds a little weird but if I got in a crash, he would really be in trouble, especially since he’s so small, and sits in the front seat.

He’s been wearing the seatbelt for a few years now. It’s like a regular harness but has a spot where the seatbelt slides through. Then I regularly fasten the seatbelt.
milka seatbelt June 12
Lately, when he’s become really excited about going somewhere, and thinks that I might leave him in the car alone, he somehow manages to wiggle out of it! I don’t know how he does it, because I have my eyes on the road when he has done it. He somehow backs out of it. And it’s a tight fit too!

Here is the harness, still strapped in to the seatbelt, but no Milka.

milka houdini seatbelt


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Workout buddy

I have a large cardio machine at home, kind of like a treadmill. Let me tell ya, it’s pretty noisy. So much so, actually, my downstairs neighbor asked me to move it to a different location across my apartment and/or only use the machine at certain times of the day.

At any rate, dogs generally don’t like loud sounds. And Milka is pretty scared around a lot of things (ie plastic bags floating outside, shadows, big trucks). But whenever I work out on my machine, Milka is right there by my side. The loyalest of dogs really – ignoring the loud sounds, to be close by. (tough to see but he’s in his bed on the upper right hand side)

milka and the treadclimber

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A Milka by any other name

I got Milka when he was about 7-9 months old already. After he was rescued from Taiwan, he was cared for by some very sweet shelter volunteers. I can only assume that one of these rescuers named Milka.

Kind of a strange name, though I do know it’s a tasty chocolate bar from Europe! I was talking to my dental assistant about Milka and she is from Russia. She said that Milka means sweetheart! It all makes sense now. 🙂

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Happy new year!

We hung out at my place for new years eve this year, watched movies and ordered pizza. Milka had broccoli! …and slept a lot. Photo courtesy of Paola.

milka nye 2012

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Milka’s blog was viewed 2,200 times this year. Interesting to see what countries readers are from.

Are there any topics you’d like to read about in 2013? Let me know.

Click here to see the complete report.

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