Pet Therapy

We went, well I tried, to go to the park a few weeks ago. We walked to it, I let Milka off leash, and he stayed in the same spot. It does seem that he prefers to walk around on leash rather than run around in a big open space. So I put the leash back on him and walked AROUND the park and the dogs. And that’s when we met Patricia and Roque. 

Patricia is from Saskatchewan and is here receiving medical treatment. Patricia must have magic massage fingers because Milka really liked her! He sat on her lap for more than half an hour, until we had to go home for dinner.

Here they are. Patricia and Roque By the way, Milka and I haven’t been volunteering at the old folks home in more than a year. This visit reminded me a bit of that. Not sure that we’ll return to the same home but maybe I should look into some other options…

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1 Response to Pet Therapy

  1. Patricia Donovan says:

    Milka was an inspiration, of warm spirit and a dog I was of good fortune to meet. I often think about him and hope he tries to brave the dog park again. Milka has a place there with the many dogs and owners i have had the pleasure to come to know. Always know, dogs are remarkable at welcoming new dogs and people to their “pack”. for the privilege of meeting Milka. I go to the dog park everyday between 4 and 5 pm, please join us.

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