Just call him Houdini

I put Milka in a dog seatbelt when he’s in the car. Probably sounds a little weird but if I got in a crash, he would really be in trouble, especially since he’s so small, and sits in the front seat.

He’s been wearing the seatbelt for a few years now. It’s like a regular harness but has a spot where the seatbelt slides through. Then I regularly fasten the seatbelt.
milka seatbelt June 12
Lately, when he’s become really excited about going somewhere, and thinks that I might leave him in the car alone, he somehow manages to wiggle out of it! I don’t know how he does it, because I have my eyes on the road when he has done it. He somehow backs out of it. And it’s a tight fit too!

Here is the harness, still strapped in to the seatbelt, but no Milka.

milka houdini seatbelt



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