Workout buddy

I have a large cardio machine at home, kind of like a treadmill. Let me tell ya, it’s pretty noisy. So much so, actually, my downstairs neighbor asked me to move it to a different location across my apartment and/or only use the machine at certain times of the day.

At any rate, dogs generally don’t like loud sounds. And Milka is pretty scared around a lot of things (ie plastic bags floating outside, shadows, big trucks). But whenever I work out on my machine, Milka is right there by my side. The loyalest of dogs really – ignoring the loud sounds, to be close by. (tough to see but he’s in his bed on the upper right hand side)

milka and the treadclimber

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3 Responses to Workout buddy

  1. Hi, it’s my first time visit this link. I saw a news from a Taiwanese website described that how you adopted Milka oversea. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF MILKA! I am so proud of Milka, wish you guys all the best regards! 🙂 deeply appreciated ❤

  2. vjtiff says:

    Aw! Thanks for your comment. I owe it all to the shelter and vets who helped get him healthy when he was found. He’s such a sweet little guy and deserves to be spoiled now after all that he’s been through.
    Where are you? Are you in Taiwan? Do you see many dogs there that have been abandoned?

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