New groomer…

Milka visited a new groomer this past weekend. What do you think? The before and after shots are on the groomer’s website. The pics are also below. Let me know what you think. Should we stick with this new groomer (Spa Dog) or go back to the original one (Pawsh)?

I think it’s great because it’s so short, so he won’t be too hot in the warmer temperatures but – he barely looks like himself anymore! He kind of looks like a chihuahua!


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2 Responses to New groomer…

  1. Cindy-lou Akins says:

    I don’t know – it might be the chair but he looks like an old lady in the after picture. My preference – stick with the old groomer.

  2. vjtiff says:

    Totally! It’s the frilly, girly ears!

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