I had Milka’s DNA tested to see exactly what kind of dog Milka is (other than super sweet and super cute!). Turns out that Milka is a level 1 poodle, according to DNA My Dog. This means that Milka is 75% or more a poodle. Most mixed breed dogs will not be a level 1 unless one or both parents are purebred.
Needless to say this was a little anti climactic. I thought there was some kind of terrier, or some other breed, in him, which is especially evident in his face.
There are a few explanations though:
1) There were breeds present that are not included in the company’s database.
2) If there is a low amount of a particular breed, it may not be detected.
3) Milka is a purebred.

So there you have it. For a more detailed explanation of testing, go to http://www.dnamydog.com.

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