View from the Top of the Throne

Okay, so it looks Milka is on the toilet but he’s actually sitting on my lap, while sitting on spa chair. I am getting a pedicure and asked the spa if I could bring him along. They said yes! I’m so happy when I can go in stores like Chapters or sit on the patio at Starbucks with Milka. He was perfect – absolutely quiet and well behaved, as usual. Many, many thanks to Illusion Studio & Spa in Kits!

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2 Responses to View from the Top of the Throne

  1. Hi Milka! It was nice meeting you at the park today. Such a cute and friendly dog!
    Sorry my two girls are big barkers 😦

    • vjtiff says:

      You found us! I just checked out your blog. Your photos are really great. I love that you are able to capture the action shots and the animated looks on your dogs’ faces. Well done! Nice to meet you today.

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