We’re clear!

Good news about Milka’s health! Milka spent the day at the vet today to undergo various tests. His glucose curve results came back normal for the first time since I discovered he had diabetes. (A glucose curve shows when the glucose level is the highest and when it is lowest relative to help if they are receiving the proper type and dose of insulin)

It doesn’t hurt that Milka is cute and sweet. The staff and vets at the Granville Island Vet Hospital spoiled him today! He sat in many a’ staff’s lap (of course!) and in their sweaters turned blankets.

To administer the glucose curve, a small blood sample is drawn every 2 to 4 hours. Check out Milka’s poor little spindly legs! Two legs shaved and pricked for the glucose curves performed in the past few weeks.

Milka has two shaved legs after two glucose curves

To make sure that Milka is okay, he’ll have a few more tests in one month.

But for now, he can celebrate! He can have a little bit more variety in his food. In addition to the broccoli and broccolini he’s been eating, he can now have brown rice, sweet potatoes or pureed pumpkin with his kibble. I think he’ll love it!

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4 Responses to We’re clear!

  1. Renee says:

    Thank God ! Wonderful news!
    Wish he doesn’t need insuline eventually!

  2. Jackie says:

    Just ran across your message as I was looking for info on canine diabetes. We had a real problem with our little guy leaking urine big time everywhere. We had belly bands, maxi pads and childrens diapers. I put him on chromium 100mcg (bought at the health food store) and it stopped! If I miss a couple of doses it starts again so we are staying with it. Get some you will be very happy you did and it is safe for Mika.

    • vjtiff says:

      Hi Jackie,
      Do you give your dog insulin too? I’ve heard that people take chromium to speed up their metabolism so that is interesting. A little bit for my dog, a little bit for me! Ha ha. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Jackie says:

    Yes we do give our dog insulin BID, he is on Humulin N now but was on Caninsulin/Vetsulin for quite a few months. He only did well with the Caninsulin for the first four months then his curve was all over the place. I should mention that Rascal is 11 yrs and 33lbs, the chromium helps with the absorbing insulin. Here is an excellent site for info on dogs but especially diabetes.

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