JKJ: the female dog whisperer

Jennifer King-Jones, a friend from Victoria, visited Vancouver Friday. I brought Milka along for our afternoon coffee date. I thrust Milka into Jenny’s lap to get us some coffee. Milka is a bit of a mama’s boy. He also likes familiarity. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a friendly dog, but he is a nervous guy in new situations. I could see Milka and Jen through the coffee shop windows: Milka was cuddled up in her lap like they were old friends. What can I say – Jenny is a dog whisperer!

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2 Responses to JKJ: the female dog whisperer

  1. renee says:

    Milka~this 5 months old Poodle mixed girl name– Maya was rescued from Taiwan and adopted to Vancouver this Jun. She looks like your little sisiter. You can meet her someday.

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