Milka’s 15 minutes of fame

Milka is big – in Taiwan. Lydia, Milka’s rescuer in Taiwan, linked to this blog last week once Milka passed the test to become a pet therapy dog. Then two Taiwanese newspapers picked up the story, and three Taiwanese television stations followed suit. The stories show how a street dog, with a team of vets and volunteers, could be nursed back to health, overcoming major illnesses such as parvovirus and distemper. Milka was Taiwan’s loss and Canada’s gain as he is thriving now in Vancouver. It’s a shame that some people in Taiwan don’t care about their dogs as much as we do here in Canada.

Watch the story (in Mandarin) on the Taiwan news.

To do my part for shelters and to promote dog adoption, I pitched to a local television station, Global TV. They covered the story too. Watch the story (in English) on Global BC, BC’s most watched television news.

To search for a Milka of your own to rescue, check out and Ocean Dog Rescue’s adoptables.

BIG thanks to Renee Lin and Lydia Chang who helped rescue Milka to bring him to the better life he has today.

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