Vet check up

Milka visited the vet this past weekend for his annual check up. He got a booster shot through his nose and he was a trooper. The vet said the usual things like we need to brush his teeth more, watch his back legs, carry him up and down any stairs. She also said something very different. She said she noticed a big change in him. She said he’s growing up, and becoming calmer, more comfortable.

A few random things about his personality:

Milka will not go in puddles. He will walk around them so that he doesn’t get wet.
Milka only really plays with medium sized dogs. He’s not a huge fan of smaller dogs.
His favorite “human” treats are cheese and apples.
When on the couch, he usually chooses the softest pillow to sit on.
He would like to chase birds and squirrels if allowed.
He won’t eat treats at the vet because he’s too nervous.
He likes cats and wants to play with them.
He loves kids! He runs up to them on the street. He is especially curious when he hears a tiny baby.

Do you know of a trait of Milka’s? Add it in the comments section.


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2 Responses to Vet check up

  1. Anny says:

    I am so touched by Milka’s story. He is a lucky dog and you are lucky person to have him.

  2. carlajhart says:

    I wonder if you know what vareties of apples and kinds of cheese he likes. You can tell a lot about a dog by what kinds of apple and cheese they like. Does he like slices of apple with Brie? He’s enthusiastic about life, love, and at ease. How about sharp chedder with baked apple? A bit more of a traditionalist but with a strong personality and sense of adventure. Try some apple/cheese combinations with Milka and let us know more about him. Love the blog!

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