Milka sniffs out superheroes

I took Milka to the dog park Sunday night. There were lots of small dogs so I was happy that he could play with dogs his own size. Instead though, he ran straight for this guy. He was tall, had broad shoulders, brown hair and was wearing a cap, glasses and a music player.  Milka ran right up to him, expecting to be pet. The guy pet him. Then, since he was wearing sandals, Milka sniffed his toes! A little embarassing. Then Milka ran off to play with some dogs. It was then that I figured out who this guy is – Tom Welling! He plays Clark Kent on the tv show, Smallville.


Good job, Milka!


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One Response to Milka sniffs out superheroes

  1. Tammy says:

    Hilarious title — “Milka Sniffs Out Superheroes”. Nice story, thanks for sharing.

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