Milka learns how to swim

During the heat wave, we throught of creative ways to cool Milka down. We soaked a bandana in cold water and tied it loosely around his neck. We added ice cubes to his water. And we took him swimming! Surprisingly, not all dogs are natural swimmers but we had to give it a try. There is a knee-deep wading pool (at the Energy Centre) across the street from Vancouver General Hospital that we took him to. I waded into the water and slowly put him in. He doggie paddled right away. After about 15 seconds, he frantically paddled to me and tried climbing up me. I lifted him out, gave him a break, then did it again. Eventually, he swam on his own for longer each time.

Milka learns how to swim

Milka learns how to swim


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One Response to Milka learns how to swim

  1. renee says:

    so cute!
    I think all the dogs can swimming,
    they just fear of water.
    Give him more try,
    he will love it!

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